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Șureanu - Un paradis ascuns

Since 2010 you can ski here and a simple Google search of “Ski Șureanu” convinces you on the spot to come and visit us. Dozens of videos on YouTube, comments and likes just prove this is a must see place in Romania especially during the winter. And this is because through the slopes, the chairlift and the two ski-lifts on Șureanu, a big dream has become a reality for all those who have sports in their DNA. Dear readers who love snow, welcome to the ten slopes of one of the highest ski areas in Eastern Europe, where the snow falls from the sky and the mulled wine flows ”.

Șureanu Ski Resort is located in the middle of Romania, both in Alba County and in Hunedoara County. Located in a magnificent, high altitude natural mountain setting in the Șureanu Mountains, the Resort is between the Șureanu peak of 2,059 meters altitude and the Pătru peak of 2,130 meters altitude including the Aușel peak of 2,009 meters altitude and the Curmătură peak of 1,809 meters altitude. The unique geographical features have led to the creation of a special winter sports infrastructure, where abundant snow measures over one and a half meters between the months of December and April.

Currently, the slopes are equipped with two ski-lifts and a chairlift, and the ten slopes and three straps totaling 14,473 meters long are for all tastes, having an excellent layout on the alpine plateau. Varied as difficulty and inclination, they contain parts of both snow and so-called powder (snow-free, floury snow), ideal for snowboarding and freeriding.

The settlement in relation to the vegetation offers unique experiences by descending from the alpine hollow (2,010 m - 1,900 m alt.) Either through the forest or the width of the plateau. At the same time, an advantage of the descent on each of the slopes is the unpredictability of the views. From the panoramas from the south (Pătru peak, the Parâng massif), to the ones from the east (Cindrel Mountains, Lotrului Mountains) and those from the west (Retezat Mountains), you have unexpected pictures of beautiful images that justify the name of “East Switzerland” , given by foreigners to the Șureanu Mountains.

Unlike other ski areas in the country, you will find three Apres-skis with unique construction structures as architectural forms, located on different slopes, to visually perceive special perspectives on the whole ensemble of the Șureanu Ski Resort where, if you choose to stay, you will have a pleasant rest and an impeccable service.

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