What can you do in the Șureanu Area



🌲 Cazarea perfectă, în mijlocul naturii

Choose one of the accommodation options in the area. For added comfort, we recommend the nearest accommodation units, to reach quickly and effortlessly to any of the slopes.

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🍲 Mâncare pe repede înainte sau în tihnă

Whether you like to eat something quickly or between two shifts, or if you reserve more time for lunch or dinner, the area of Șureanu Domain offers several choices of either self-service or apres-ski locations. Choose the one that is best for you!

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☕🍷 Un popas mereu bine-venit

Take a break at the bars or the Apres-ski area in the surrounding area. A warm tea, a refreshing coffee or a mulled wine will give you energy to continue the fun in the snow.

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