How to get here

Right now the access to the Șureanu Ski Resort is made during the winter on the route:

🛑 Sebeș - Șugag - Oașa Dam, on DN67C, then on the right, beside the accumulation lake on DJ704
🛑 Oașa - Oașa Monastery - Luncile Prigoanei (pension resort, 4.5 km away from the Șureanu Ski Resort) - Poarta Raiului Resort (1.2 km away from the Șureanu Ski Resort, with special accommodation and public food ) - Șureanu Ski Resort

The distance from Sebeș is 82 kilometers and is realized, in winter conditions in about 1.30 - 2 hours.

The portion of Lake Oașa - the Șureanu Ski Resort is regularly cleared of snow. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is compulsory to have winter tires in good condition and chains.

Distanțele de acces

▶ Sebeș - Șugag (30 km)
▶ Șugag - Lake Oașa (34 km)
▶ Lake Oașa - Luncile Prigoanei (3 km)
▶ Luncile Prigoanei - Heaven Gate (Poarta Raiului) (3 km)
▶ Heaven Gate (Poarta Raiului) - Șureanu Ski Resort (2 km)

The roads from Cugir or from Obârşia Lotrului are NOT RECOMMENDED because the roads are not cleared of snow so you risk getting stuck!

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